Privacy Policy

Data security explanation use of your dates Their{Her} dates are treated in general confidentially and are encoded during the critical transmission on the Internet at very high security level. We store and use your personal dates exclusively for the liquidation{transaction} of her{their} order and possible complaints. We use their{her} email address to concrete information exclusively to be continued with regard to your order. If desired we send{dispatch} advertising means (catalogue, Flyer, newsletter) to the address stated by you. The delivery of advertising means can be revoked of course{naturally} any time. They have to instruct of course{naturally} any time the right{law} to us with the deletion or change{amendment} of your dates or to take examination{judiciousness}. Passing on of your dates In no case we transmit your personal dates including email address into three parts. The service partners who call other{farther} dates for the liquidation{transaction} of her{their} order are excluded. Moreover transportation companies, our by contract linked partners count{belong} for financial services (financing, leasing, credit card) as well as if necessary the Schufa or Hermes Kreditversicherung (with credit investigations). A transmission of the dates to service partner follows after the regulations{stipulations} of the BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetztes) and the circumference{size} of the transmission limits itself to the necessary minimum. Required dates For the liquidation{transaction} of your order{contract} we need your post address, email address, your telephone number (for perhaps further inquiries), and, if you decide on payment by bank move, your bank connection dates. Protection of your dates For the transmission of your personal dates we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) the protocol{minutes} farthest widespread{common} nowadays for the sure{safe} transference{transmission} of dates on the Internet. SSL encodes your dates before they{she} on the Internet are sent. The encoding (SSL 3.0, RC4 with 128 bits of encoding, RSA with 1,024 bits of exchange) counts{applies} according to present stand{state} as very sure{safe} and is used by almost all big{great} on-line mail-order firms successfully and certainly. Their{Her} dates in itself are stored on a database server which can be appealed{spoken} only about Scripte of our server. On the whole there results from it a security greatest possible after today's{modern} security standards (a hundred percent security we are able to to you, just do not guarantee like every{any} other on-line mail-order firm, unfortunately).